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    Exterior door does not close against the weather seal, it has a 1/4" gap at left top of door, Can it be repaired or does the frame need to be replaced?

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    It sounds like either the door is warped, or the jamb sides are not parallel (the right side is bumped in at the bottom, in relation to the left side.) If the door is not warped, you should be able to cure the problem by either bumping the right side out 1/4" or bumping the left side in 1/4" at the bottom. This is actually not as easy as it sounds. You'll have to cut the caulking on the exterior and the interior of the trim, possibly remove (or cut) the nails/screws in the side jamb & threshold, possibly need to redo the interior or exterior trim, recaulk & paint, etc. If the door is warped, your best bet is to replace the door.


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