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    I have a beautiful deck that needs to be oiled every 4 months. This project was fun at first but after 3 years the novelty is wearing off. Any suggestions?

    Location: Florida on the ocean
    exposed to full sun and sea air (and heavy downpours).
    Hardwood from Indonesia
    Product used Deks Olje #1 Matt finish.
    Awning/ large umbrellas not an option.

    After research I thought Deks Olje would be best as conditions are similar to that of a yacht. Plus only light scrub with Scotch bright pad and soapy water is only prep needed, I'm trying to avoid sanding. I apply 3 coats for full saturation, but the elements are harsh and after 4 months it shows. A heavy duty epoxy is in mind but I don't know how that will wear, plus the danger of slipping when wet.

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    Default Re: Oil the Deck

    Well......I don't live in Florida........but I have never been favorably impressed by Flood products...and that's who makes Deks Ole. According to this... .......they don't make the product anymore.

    You could try this. 1-2 years between treatments, depending. Yours might well be one year.

    Or you could consider a Sikkens product........although slippery when wet will probably apply.

    I'm not sure that a perfect product exists for your deck or anyone else's under the existing conditions and desired traits.

    You might be in for some involved prep procedures now in order to switch products and get a good bond.

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