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    Question Paint Rollers Does it change the look of the painted Surface?

    I live an older home (1947) that has plaster walls when I do any kind of patch or repair when I paint it you can see the patched / repaired area because it is smooth and not like the rest of the wall. Does the type of roller (smooth, semi rough & rough) effect the appearance and help mask the repaired area so that it looks like the rest of the walls in a room? It has a slight texture to it over the smooth look of todays walls with drywall underneath???


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    Default Re: Paint Rollers Does it change the look of the painted Surface?

    Yes, rollers leave behind a slight texture, more texture or less depending on the length of the fuzz on the roller.

    There are tricks to concealing repairs on a smooth wall. First, as you've already asked, the paint roller leaves behind some texture. Depending on how many layers of paint, there can be quite a bit of texture that you have to match before you can paint, otherwise the spot will always stand out. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use drywall compound.

    Add water to the drywall compound until you have a consistency about that of paint, then use a roller to apply it to the repaired area. The result will be a stippled texture that should be fairly close to what's already on the wall, if you need to second coat it, do so. Once the drywall compound is completely dry, use a damp sponge and lightly wipe the area down, this will round over the texture making it more like the painted areas. Next, apply two coats of primer and two coats of paint and the repaired area should nearly disappear. It may be necessary to repaint the entire wall depending on how old/dirty the existing wall paint is.
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    Default Re: Paint Rollers Does it change the look of the painted Surface?

    what i have discovered to work for me,is to use a small heavy nap roller only on the patch spot with primer.sometimes 2 coats is best. then finish coat the area with paint. sometimes i have to do it again after the finish as that shows the finished product.

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