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    Last year I installed wood floor in bathroom. Reciently found that the soil pipe had been leaking under the wood flooring. I have since removed the toilet, removed the wood floor and cleaned the area. I want to know if I should install wood flooring again or put in vinyl 18" squares. I guess I should discribe what I have to deal with.
    I have a house that was built in the 60's that is built on a slab. The soil pipe is cast Iron and the slab comes, pretty much up to the edge of the pipe. The pipe is 4" in diameter. The closet bolts were set into the concrete, so there is not closet flange to connect to toilet. Over the years the one of the bolts has come loose from concrete. So, my question is should I try to reset the bolt in concrete or should I try to insert a 3" closet flange after laying down wood flooring. I am not sure if inserting a closet flange to the soil pipe would raise it to high to set toilet on top of without a gap. If I do go the route of inserting the flange, what would I need to seal PVC inside a cast iron pipe?

    Thnak you for any help you can give,

    Bret Fraizer
    Fort Wayne,IN

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    YukYuk's solsugestion would be the solution. You would want to install the floor and then the flanfe so it is on top of the floor.
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