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    Question floors

    My house was build in 1935 and the hardwood florrs were covered in carpet around 20 years later. I would like to redo the floors but was told the old finish may contain lead. How do I sand without contaminating with lead?

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    There are sanders that can be used that have proper pick-up and hepa filters, I have not ssen them at rental places yet but some professional floor re-finishers have them. But before you panic maybe you should get a LeadCheck Kit http://www.testyourlunchbox.com/default.aspx and test for lead. Vacuum the floor thoroughly and test in an area away from painted surfaces like windows that may have lead paint. And you may want to read this http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Test-for-Lead-Paint
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    Smile Re: floors

    Thanks for your rapid replies. I'll test for lead and proceed from there.

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