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    I'm looking a converting over to a gas system due to the prices of oil. I having a one pipe steam heating system for a two floor house. I want to know if it is true that gas would cost more with type of heating? Also want to know if it was possible to make this a two zone system due to the top floor get really warm? Or if there was a way of running steam and make the 1st floor baseboard heat?

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    You would have to do a fuel cost comparison for prices between gas & oil to determine which is least expensive in your area---you would have to call the local gas co. to get the price of a therm of gas, & then plug the numbers into the FCC below.

    Rather than doing a zone for your steam heat, consult the heating help site (below) to determine if your steam supply pipes are too long & if you should add some air vents to the mains to even the heat between upstairs & downstairs.

    Also check out "The Wall" at this same site for more info on steam systems.

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