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    Default Insulation Cost Analysis

    Of the following insulation projects, which will yield the highest efficiency / highest return on investment?

    • * Blown cellulose into exterior walls
    • * Insulate basement walls
    • * Insulate basement ceiling
    • * Bring attic insulation to R-60
    • * Insulate kneewall flats with R-30

    If the exterior walls have no insulation, is it possible to blow insulation up the cavities from the basement (instead of going from the outside)? I have access to the cavities from the basement.

    Quick Background Information:
    Our house, located in New Hampshire, is a small cape with a full basement. This past winter, our energy bills (elec. / oil) were extremely high and this year we want to reduce costs and better insulate our home.

    We had a professional energy audit, but the company will not return our calls / answer our emails now, when we try to find out which improvements should be done in which order, keeping cost in mind (as we’ll probably have to do the improvements as time / money permits).

    Thank you for your time and help.
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