We purchaed our 55 year old home from the original owner. He had replaced the water heater twice during his ownership. We replaced the current 40 gallon water heater with a GE 50 gallon one. Everything worked perfect for two weeks. Then, as you are running the cold or hot or both at the same time anywhere in the house, the pressure drops to a tricle for approximately 45 seconds. I have checked the valves leading into the house and at the water heater. They all work properly. The ONLY thing different was the old water heater had a 360 degree turn in the hot water side and the new one does not. I have checked the pressure at an outside faucet, and get a standing pressure of 56. When we turn on a valve it drops to 34, then to 5 for that 45 seconds I discribed. As I stated, we had great pressure and volume before the water heater was replaced. Now.....I have a wife that is about to have me sell this house and move! What have I missed? What can I do now?