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    I'm in over my head. I tried to install a ceiling fan in my garage. There are three lights installed in the ceiling and I want a ceiling fan in place of the center light. I ran into problems when I started the wiring. The current (no pun intended) wiring is two red together, one white and two blacks together, one black and two whites together, two grounds together. The grounds are not an issue. But to wire the ceiling fan I have to put black to black and white to white. Which ones do I connect the white wire out of the ceiling fan to... the one white and two blacks or... the one black and two whites. I feel like a marathon runner with repeated trips to the basement to flip the circut back on every time it trips. Can anyone help??


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    The safe way for you to check as a homeowner, with the power off, is to get a continuity tester. Test between the white wire and the ground wire. If you have continuity, then that is your "neutral" conductor, and the white from your light fixture needs that wire to operate properly. That might be a start. Two of the black wires are switch legs, at least that is how it sounds. But I can't say to do anything with those wires because I cannot see them, and could be dangerous, or you might fix your lighting issue, then half of your garage will not work.
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