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    Exclamation Floor Joist Damage

    My kids are interested in purchasing a home built in 1942, in New Jersey. After inspection, they were told that the house has some structural damage, caused by termites. They really like this home but this new found problem may cause them to change their minds, if the owner is not willing to cover the cost. Is this an expensive problem to fix the floor joists, on a home this old? Being a novice, and no experience with this type of issue, a contractor and structural engineer, or telling them it may cost about $20,000 - $30,000 to repair. Please help, they are expecting a baby in a few months and need to make a decision on purchasing this house.

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    IMHO, repairing a floor joist is not a gigantic deal, however termite damage may be. Once repairs are started you may find even more damage, plus the cost of termite treatment. In most jurisdictions termite inspection is required before sale. Unless the house is being sold as-is and is priced accordingly, the seller should be responsible for making the repairs and the termite treatment.. Otherwise I would walk away.
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    Ditto Jack's post ..... in addition ....

    When you say .... "After inspection, they were told that the house has some structural damage, caused by termites." .... what type of inspector ... termite or qualified/certified home inspector ?

    Hopefully they had a qualified/certified home inspector evaluate the home's mechanicals and structure.

    If so that inspector would be able to give a ball park figure closer to anyone here guessing at over the internet.
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