Hi again!

We've had my husband's grandparents' old house inspected. Everything pretty much needs ripping out, which I suspected, from the roof all the way down to the subfloor. The house, we found out, was built in 1946 & has stone walls -- right now, the outside walls are the only things that aren't gonna have to be replaced. The roof is over 20 years old, the floors under the bathroom & kitchen are collapsing, the plumbing & electrical are ancient so we're looking at a whole-house renovation.

That said, here's my question -- is there a checklist out there that gives you a list of what needs to be done & in what order? For instance, should we rip the roof off first or tear out the interior walls first? That sort of thing.

We just want to make sure everything gets done in the proper order so we don't have some costly mistakes down the line. We're already looking at roughly $40,000 just to update the basics (new roof, new walls, new subfloors & floors, windows, electrical, plumbing, back porch, etc).

Thanks again for your advice!