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    what size of a hot water heater or boiler(btu) do i need to heat a radiant concrete floor in a 32x58 workshop to a room temp. of 65-68 degrees. the following is a list of my building specs.:

    wood framed/vinyl sided/4"conc.
    1600' 1/2 pex tubing on 1' on centers
    6 loop manifold
    r-13 walls
    1 1/2" styrofoam insulation around foundation
    1 1/2"x 4' styrofoam insulation around floor perimeter
    double bubble insulation in center
    16x9 insulated garage door
    building is located in east central ohio

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    You would definitly have to do a heat loss calculation to come to a sound estimate of the total btu's/hour you would need.

    A heat loss calculation would take into account all the factors you listed & crunch the numbers for your total btu need---there's an excellent free HLC by Slant/Fin (below).

    I think the rough estimate is approx. 25 btu/square foot---but this could be way off from what you get.

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