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Thread: Wiring issues??

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    Default Wiring issues??

    I had a strange thing happen with my bedroom ceiling fan and light fixure, it stopped working. I checked all bulbs and discovered that the switch doesnt turn it on at all, not sure what is going on here, the type of on & office switch is a round dimmer.

    Looking for any thoughts on what happened here, and it makes me nervous!! Now strangely but I beleive unrelated, a month ago I had my built in Kitchen Mirowave go out, with no signs of any thing odd happening I am not sure if there is a wiring issue some where or that my old house is just continuing to toy with me!!?

    Any ideas would be great.


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    Default Re: Wiring issues??

    The dimmer/switch is probably bad/burned out. It happens, I replaced one in my moms place last week.

    Microwaves go out as well. I have learned I can live just fine without one......... LOL. (Mine is burned out as well.)...... I gotta get that replaced one of these days...............

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