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    Default exterior paint peeling

    I have a small building that is sided with T10-11 wood siding. The first paint applied was oil based paint, but after one year it looked really bad so I preped and repainted with oil besed paint. Now a year later, the paint is peeling especially on the west side where it gets the most sun. I have just about finished preping again by using a stiff wire brush on a small grinder. In many places it is all the way down to the bare wood. There are many places, however that seem to be holding fast but there are many vertical cracks in the paint. The power brush doesn't affect it. I have been told that I should prime with pure acrylic primmer and then paint with 2 coats of pure acrylic paint. I live in southern California, but I have always thought that oil based primer and paint were better for wood. I need some help. I would like to avoid the annual paint project on this small building. Thanks
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