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    Default Painting basement floor

    Hi again, for those of you who read my previous thread, this may be repetative but, here goes ... Due to recent flooding of our basement, we had to remove saturated carpet. Under the carpet and padding, it appears the floor was painted a dull orange. I dont't know if this is a primer for the glue there appears to be over it or finish paint. I say glue cause it is laid in like swirls and, anywhere there wasn't carpet, there was tile (12"x12" squares). Now comes the mystery there, ... there was a couple boxes of that tile left here when we bought the house and that has paper backing covering adhesive. ??? This glue seems to sc**** off kinda easy being saturated with water since last Thursday. If I do go to scraping this glue looking substance off the floor, I will probably sc**** some of the paint to the bare concrete. This will lead to having to prime the entire floor before putting the finish coat down.
    Here are my questions, ... can I use a latex primer ? Are there latex primers made for concrete ? And then, finish, will a latex paint stand up to foot traffic without eventually showing wear paths ?
    I am questioning the integrity of latex paints here because I am concerned with the fume/odor issues with solvent based paints inside the house.

    Rich Kelly
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