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    Smile help wanted

    I have a covered deck that is over my family room. It is part of
    the roof, yet it is a covered deck.

    It needs repair

    It has/had an old layer of plywood, a worn out layer of some type of roofing and it had an old rubber astro turf type of carpet

    I want suggestions of what is best to put down to keep this surface so the ceiling will not leak.

    I am thinking of a new plywood, some type of roofing material over this and then covered with an outdoor carpet.

    Thanks so very much


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    You could put new plywood, Weather Guard (ice guard), proper flashing, then roll roofing then your astro turf. Weather Guard is self sticking and seals around nails driven through it. It is usually used to combat ice dam damage.
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    TOH did the same thing on the Manchester house. They had a deck (actually 3 separate decks) under which was finished living space that needed to stay dry.

    After the deck was framed and sheathed Tom Silva roofed this deck. (He didnít say what he used but it would be some type of rubber roof membrane. Tom did this, too, on the Cambridge house where he used a rubber roof membrane.) After the rubber membrane was down then sleepers go on top of that, then the decking, and then the railings.

    I would really avoid the outdoor carpet if I was you. You want to stay off the actual roof as much as possible. Itís true that the carpet is a layer between foot traffic and the roof but it could cause friction and wear and cause the roof membrane to fail prematurely. Also, what if you want to put some furniture out there (chairs) or plants? That is too much pressure concentrated in a small area. A deck with sleepers underneath will spread out the load.

    Good luck.

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    This product may be an alternative.
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    Cool Re: help wanted

    1st off it sounds like a whole lot of roofing on top of roofing. Have you had any leaking?
    I suggest taking off all the old roofing and making sure the plywood and structural members are still in good shape, no need repairing just the roofing if the framings gone bad also. If the framing is in good shape then replace the plywood with a tongue and groove plywood and use linux for roofing. Linux is a sprayed on. linux is also used to for bed liners in the back of pickup trucks. It has many uses. Stronger than fiberglass and vinyl.It will never crack or tear.

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