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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Electrician View Post
    A duplex outlet is 2 outlets on the same yolk or mounting strap. If you were to remove the tab between the 2 brass screws, you could wire each outlet to its own breaker. That being said, Now Joe Homeowner comes along and wants to replace this outlet because it's the wrong color for his new paint, He will go to the panel and turn off one breaker. That is why the NEC requires the breakers handle to be tied. Note that a piece of wire through the handles is not an approved method.
    Thanks for the info

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    Default Re: Shared Neutral question

    So what y'all are saying is that it's always ok to share a neutral wire and it really doesn't matter if they are on the same pole, or if the handles are tied together, or even if it's properly labeled...

    LOL... ok I really shouldn't joke about such things but I couldn't help myself.

    I get the picture.
    I think I was almost there in my original posts but I'm very glad I asked. I feel much more confident about my project and after some of the other things I've found in this house, doing things safely is always my number one priority.

    Thanks again for all your expertise and experience.

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