My condo was built in 1968. The wiring was installed using metal conduit, metal workboxes. Since 1968, there has been a major remodel (1982), where nothing appears to have been changed. Subsequent occupants have brought the addition of a few switches, outlets, utilizing remodel boxes and a hot feed from the adjacent (old) box. We are about to undergo a minor, owner (me) driven kitchen remodel, and I want to streamline the work that has been done. Generally, this would mean removing the new remodel box and ganging switches or outlets in the original location (not the box, since there wouldn't be enough room).

How do I remove the original metal box? I have the basics down for getting off the wood stud, but the box is fastened to the metal conduit with an EMT connector. Since there is no ground in these boxes, I also assume (ass-u-me) that the conduit is my ground (it appears that way at the panel, too) and I would have to replace the original metal workbox with a new metal remodel box.

Of course, I am looking to do this with minimal wall damage - which is why the question here.