Dear TOH,

I need to remove a window, fill in the opening, in order to build a wall of bookcases. The window is 2x4. The window is single-pane-no sashes.

I need some guidance- A contractor wants to charge me $1200.00 to remove the window. I think I can do it myself.

Help! I think this is what I need to do:
1. Remove the mouldings and the sill.

2. Remove the window (there are no sashes) Fill in the opening-outside part is stucco.

3. Fill in the opening with insulation.

4. Reinforce opening with 2x4 studs

5. Working my way into the inside of the window-Chicken wire mesh to spread the stucco-next layer-plywood-next layer insulation-next layer-sheetrock-then tape it-then paint it.

6. Does it sound like I am headed in the right direction?

Your input will be appreciated. Since I also need to close-up a door opening, I am assuming I can do the same procedure as a window. I will be closing a window and putting French Doors in it's place. This is why I do not need to have two doors in the den.

Thanks for your help.