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    Default can I use stained and painted molding together

    I just bought a house that has stained trim around the interior doors and base board. The windows, however have a white painted trim. I would like to add crown molding and love the look of white crown molding. Do I have to paint the stained trim white to match the current window trim and the crown molding I would like to put up or will it look ok to have both stained and painted trim?

    Funny, when we were looking at the house before we bought it, we never noticed the stained trim around the doors and the painted trim around the windows and know that is all I notice! Thanks.

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    Default Re: can I use stained and painted molding together

    I would think that both could be married in the same room and still look nice. I've only installed stained crown a few times, and each time was over paneling, so everything blended nicely. My last house I installed hardwood floors and oak baseboards, but left the white trim on the doors and windows, again, it all looked great. If you're uncertain as to which you'll like better, spend $20 for a piece of stain grade trim and a small can of stain, and a piece of paint grade trim and a small can of white paint. Do up both samples and them tack them in place to see which you like better.

    As a general rule, I think that painted crown is more elegant, unless it's directly against natural or stained wood, then of course matching crown would be best. I've had instances where white painted crown is used around a room, transitioned to stained as it passes across cabinetry, and then back to painted again.
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    Default Re: can I use stained and painted molding together

    I agree with A.Spruce. The two can be in the same room and look very nice. We have a builder in the town that I am from that this is one of his "signature" marks on the houses that he builds.

    By the way, he sells houses more easily than most of the other builders in town.

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