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    Default Please help- AC unit got rainwater in it!

    Hello- I have a window that opens from a top and accidentally left it open when it was raining, and some rain seemed to have fallen into my AC unit, because it now makes a whirring, sloshing noise when I turn it on. It is quite loud. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I'm worried I broke it, and I just bought it! Thanks so much.

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    Default Re: Please help- AC unit got rainwater in it!


    Every AC of this type has a drain hole in the bottom left or right outer corner of the metal chassis.

    There is usually a small screw or two that has to be removed to open the plug so the water can drain out---there is usually also a 3/8" clear plastic hose that comes with the unit that is used to divert the drained water so it doesn't drip down on any passersby below.

    Also check the installation instructions that came with the unit for the drain location.
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