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    Question Applying stone to plywood under the deck?

    We had put plywood under are deck and would like to put actual stone slabs/veneer on the plywood to give it a nice finish look instead of lattice. My question is what are the steps and tips to installing the stone to plywood and do you know of a good book for this type of project. Thank-you for your help

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    Default Re: Applying stone to plywood under the deck?

    From your description I think you're talking about stone as a wall surface and not overhead. You'll need to apply expanded wire-mesh lath over a felt paper underlayment, skim-coat the surface with mortar, then set the stone with mortar on top of that grouting the spaces when that sets. The plywood you already installed will have to be substancially framed to support the stone, 2X4's 16" OC will do. That will need to be nailed up no more than 8" OC. The lath can be applied with button-head galvanized screws(preferred)or roofing nails; again no more than 8" OC. The skim-coat needs to be pushed into the lath spaces well and allowed to fully cure before setting the stone. The waterproof setting mortar will have to be fairly stiff to hold the stone in place. Fill the voids with a grout bag and you're done!

    Many big-box stores have free seminars on doing this kind of thing and I'd highly reccommend that if you don't already have some masonary experience. The thought of a stone wall falling just doesn't bear thinking about.


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