I have received two bids for painting the exterior of my house: asbestos cement siding with wood trim. The siding is currently a medium blue, and will be painted a light gray. The wood trim is currently white and will be painted white; it is flaking and peeling pretty badly, and needs to be sc****d and sanded.

Painter #1 has proposed one coat of Sherwin Williams Duration paint on the wood trim (no primer), and one coat of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint on the siding, at a cost of $2500.

Painter #2 has proposed primer and two coats of Sherwin Williams "premium house paint" at a cost of $3000.

The one-coat painter has said he will not leave unless we're satisfied with how it looks, and will put an extra coat on any spots where it's needed. However, I am concerned that even though one coat may *look* fine, it may have durability issues down the road.

Is it worth the extra $500 to have two coats of paint? Or is one coat sufficient? We plan to sell our house within the next 2 to 5 years, and do not want to paint or touch up again before selling.

Thanks so much to anyone who can provide some advice!