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    just completed a new home for folks, 2 months from move in, laundry room on 2 nd floor, powder room 1st floor, both drain into same sewer line, when clothes washer drains toilet in powder bath has burping sound like air pocket releasing in toilet,no overflow but annoying to hear! have checked all vents, clear and sized properly, pulled toilet, checked and clear, ran camera through all? burps about 5 times as washer drains then quits, help!

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    Curious .... is the laundry drain tied into a vertical 3 inch pipe that runs down to the main floor that picks up the toilet and sink in the powder room .... and this vertical pipe extends straight up to the roof ?

    The second floor bathroom is on it's own DWV ?

    Is there an auxilary vent for the main level powder room?
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    my thoughts would be that distance from trap to wet vent was exceeded. go to this link and go to figure 909.1(9) and you will get the idea. this is for a county in michigan but the idea is the same regardless of where you are. air pressure in the sewer line has to go somewhere, and since it is escaping from the cammode says either an obstruction of the vent which you say is clear or the water in the drain is too much for it to pass through leaving it to look for a different path and in this case the cammode.

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