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    Default Green/Fuzzy Shut off Valve

    I was recently checking the pipes clips in the basement to replace old ones, and when I moved a ceiling tile, I noticed the 2 valves that go up to the kitchen/bathroom sinks - are completely green and almost fuzzy with corrosion. There is no current leak, but at one point there was (I've been in the house for 5years). How bad is this and how quickly should I think about repair? I don't know if it's something that is no sweat or should I get right on it!?! thank you in advance for advice.

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    Most of the time the green corrosion is left over flux that was used to solder the pipes and was not cleaned off after. Leaks on water lines very seldom will seal themselves so go ahead and clean off the corrosion and see if the is a need to replace the valves.
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