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    Default AC unit feathered on TOH show

    The TOH crew remodeled a house and added a small AC unit that came with small outside compressor, precharged hoses and small air handler unit that they installed into the wall. Does anyone remember the brand and possibly the model for that unit? Is it possibly a Samsung unit - white in color?

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    Default Re: AC unit feathered on TOH show

    The TOH folks should be able to answer your question definitively. The mini-splits as this sounds like, use an indoor evaporator-fan unit that can be mounted low wall, high wall, or ceiling, and a remote condensing unit. These are usually used in small areas such as add ons that don't quite require the use of a full-blown additional system. Also they do not require ductwork, but understand that this limits the air distribution to the area in which the indoor unit is located.

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    Default Re: AC unit feathered on TOH show

    I travel alot for my job and stay in a lot of hotels. As you know hotels in each room have their own ac unit but not like the one you seen on the show. Although in their office space they use the systems that were shown on the TOH. So if you want to see one try the local hotel chain near you. I typically stay in Hampton inns so I would try those as starting point. The model I have seen is Sanyo.

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