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    Cool Propane fireplace insert

    I would like to install a propane fireplace insert. I would like to run a black Iron pipe from the exterior of the house across the basement celing to the base of the fire place. Up the clean out cavity into the fire box. What is the best type of flexible tubing to run up and into the fire box? Does this sound like the way to go? Do I need a shut off in the basement? If so do I need to be able to shut the propane supply off from the floor the gas stove in on? Can the electrical power to run the fan be brought in the same way?

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    Default Re: Propane fireplace insert

    Go to any hardware or appliance store, they have gas rated flexable lines for gas appliances.
    You need a cut off, most places withe building codes require one within so many feet of the fire place, check your building dept.
    Check your building code, here we use bendable copper for propane lines but other places require black pipe.
    Running the electric in the same path I would put the electric in a plastic conduit.
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