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    Default Foam in the Hurricane Zone ?

    I am currently building an unusual home smack-dab on the water on the Gulf Coast. It is an all concrete home, using The DAC-ART Building System (it is my second, I love it). Walls are a foot thick, all concrete.

    We are taking the approach that if the house is ever drenched, it can dry-out unharmed.

    Hurricane Ivan was a direct hit and the smaller guesthouse we had already built came thru just fine. Our yard was full of other's homes, but only took in a half inch of water.

    Anyway--I am considering using Icynene foam in the attic of the larger, main home under construction.
    The specifics: Trusses, no can lights, lots of tube sun domes, metal roof.

    I have been reading some rather dated discussions of open cell vs. closed cell foam, closed attic vs. vented attic and code. All of the situations that I read about were very different from mine.

    The curious can go toConcreteCottage to see photos.

    Can anyone offer any insulation advice to me?

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    Default Re: Foam in the Hurricane Zone ?

    Look into using 2lb closed cell foam. This is a FEMA Class 4 Flood Resistant material. If your roof were to leak during a storm, the foam will help protect you. The foam will also help glue everything together.

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