I have a 95 year old house that has built-in or what i have heard called "Yankee Gutters". they appear to be made of sheet metal (i think they may have originally been copper, but were replaced?). They have rotted through in some places, and are leaking in those spots as well as in the seams. This has caused rotting of the fascia and soffits below. I have tried to find replacements but to no avail, and it seems that with all of the "space age" materials available, there must be something that i can use to patch the rotted pieces and then seal the whole thing. it needs to stand extreme heat and cold (Kansas is harsh on both ends of the scale). Nobody has any viable ideas, short of replacing them with the "new" guttrers. I will NOT do that, as i want to preserve the original look and integrity of the house. Please help. i need to repair the fascia/soffits but cannot do this until i find a solution to the leaking gutters.