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    Question Attic Exhaust Fans

    Has anyone installed an Attic Exhaust Fan to pull the hot and humid air out of the attic? If so, did you notice a difference in your house being cooler in the summer. Also, are these units the same as a whole house fan? I am trying to determine the best way to make my home more energy efficient. Also, any recommendations on the brand to use? Thanks you.

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    Default Re: Attic Exhaust Fans

    There is a big difference between an attic fan and a whole house fan. An attic fan pulls air in through the natural venting of the roof structure and blows it out at a particular spot, be it a gable or roof penetration, and only cools the air within the attic.

    A whole house fan draws air in through open windows and doors and vents into the attic, which vents through the venting in the roof structure. the idea is to bring in cool air from outside to cool the house and at the same time force the stagnate hot air out of the attic.

    There's conflicting veins of thought on attic venting. Some say that the "dead air" space of the attic provides a thermo-barrier to the rest of the house. Some say that venting excessively hot air from the attic will cool the living space of the house. To me, it make sense to utilize an attic fan, particularly when most AC ducting is in the attic space. Providing a cooler place for the ducting will increase the efficiency of the cooling the AC can provide.

    I can not offer any particular brand preference for either an attic fan or whole house fan.
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