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    Default Replacing Entry Door?

    I swear, the hits just keep coming. Just bought a home and realized while changing the locks on the front door, the holes were not cut very clean, resulting in a 1/16 hole above the deadbolt, an unevening screwed lock (if you look at the side of the door where the lock ejects and retracts, it looks like it's on a 70 degree angle, and very tough key turn. What's worse is the metal door jamb has seen better days and the wood behind it has been so beaten that I'm surprised the screws still hold the plates in.

    So, I thought of getting a new door. Home Depot has a great deal on a 36x80 door. Problem is, my door is 34 3/4 x 78 1/4. Any ideas on what I can do to fix my current door? Did I possibly measure the door wrong (I'm being told that entry doors are either 32" or 36" wide)?


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