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    Default Advice - Roof & Trim Color

    Need some advice:

    Pic of house here

    There are beautiful double hung entry doors behind those ugly screendoors. I can't wait to rip those things off.

    Looking for advice on the following:

    What style/color to use for the new roof? I really like

    What color to paint railing/spindles/steps?
    What color to paint trim on top of house by roof?

    Obviously the landscaping will be completely re-done! That ugly bush is hiding a beautiful porch.

    Any comments or idea is appreciated.


    Was also thinking of

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    Default Re: Advice - Roof & Trim Color

    You might want to take a walk or drive around the area and see what pops for you when you look at other brick homes and the brick businesses in the area. Same for the roof. I am not sure if the shape of the shingle you are looking at matches the period of your house, but I am not an expert on roof shingles or Pennsylvania homes - which is why I suggest looking around the neighborhood. Some paint stores like Sherwin Williams have on their website a way to take a photo and try different paint colors. Some paint stores also have someone who will help with color choices. Bring some photos with you or if you have an ipad, snap some photos with it and take it with you to the paint store.

    Also, look at Pinterest – search “red brick exteriors” or other places on line for images.

    There is a lot of beautiful potential in that house
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    Default Re: Advice - Roof & Trim Color

    Excellent answer from LILY.

    This house is very nice, and with a little outdoor TLC, will look gorgeous, or marvelous (mavales as Billy Crystal used to say). If you're trying to sell it, invest a little on the exterior (curb appeal) and you'll see the results when offers come in.

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