Natural gas is coming to my area and I am considering converting from oil heat to natural gas. I have contacted 6 local contractors for quotes for a new gas efficency bolier. To date I have 2 quotes. One for $6800. and another for$9500. The cheaper quote is for a Peerless Pinnacle 80k BTU and the other is for a Weil McLain 155k BTU. Other contractors are going to quote a Munchkin brand. I have told all contractors that I want to have circulating pumps for the two zones in my house. Here is my concern: I feel that the 155 is overkill since my current 45 year old boiler is rated at 90k BTU. I think the 80k BTU gas boiler would do the job. The contractor who quoted the lesser price did a heat loss evaluation last year when I was considering central air. He is quoting a 80k BTU boiler. One contractor told me to "stay away from Munchkin! They are junk!" His quote will be for a Weil McLain 105K BTU boiler.

My delima is, I don't have any experience in trying to determine which of these boilers would be better. Would I be happy no matter which one I chose when the price would not be a consideration? In some research on the internet I find there is only about $400.00 difference between the Weil McLain 155 vs 105. I simply can't justify the difference in the two quotes I currently have.

Thanks for any help or advice regarding the rating of these three boilers. I live in Pennsylvania about 80 miles south of Erie.

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