I'm working on a Friends Home he inherited from his Mother, it was built in 1929 in the Historic District of Miami Shores, the home is magnificent! All the internal doors are old Dade Pine, and had 70 something years of paint on them. The Doctor had a company dip the doors to have them stripped of the paint, however, they are 5 raised panels, there is still paint residue in some of the recesses of the raised panels. How can I remove this paint residue, as we want to stain the doors and door casings, but I know the paint residue in the creases will not accept the stain. I really hope I can get a response or some assistance, this house is beautiful, and my Friend Robert, is a Chiaropractor who owns the house, and he really wants to restore it back to it's original beauty and I will be removing paint from the cathedral ceiling beams as well, to restore the ceiling back to it's natural wood. I live across the state in Cape Coral, but I'm spending Weeks at a time in Miami helping my friend restore his home.