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    Question Insulating between foundation and frame

    I have a 100year-old house in central Wisconsin, and the basement gets quite cold during the winter. I'm looking for a spray or pour-in type insulation which I can install between the foundations and the frame of the house to provide an air/water-vapor/thermal barrier.

    The basement walls are stone and frequently damp, and with winter lows averaging -20degF, I'm concerned about the insulation getting wet, freezing, and breaking up. The seasonal temperature swings also make the house move so the insulation must be flexible. Insulation which settles with time won't work either, it has to keep the space filled. I have limited access to the spaces I need to insulate, so spray or blown-in insulation would be preferable. In addition, it sure would be nice if I could install it myself.

    What kind of insulation should I be looking for?
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