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    Exclamation Raked Roof Insulation??

    I just bought a house from the 1950's and it has a raked roof (a ceiling line parallel to the roof line with minimum cavity and no serviceable access into the roof space). I live in Atlanta, and do not believe that the house has proper insulation as our ceilings get very hot during the day. Is there a way to add insulation without damaging the roof or adding a drop ceiling?

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    Default Re: Raked Roof Insulation??

    Nope, but first are the roof vents open? Your the cathedral ceiling should have a eve , soffit, vent for every rafter space to let cool air enter the roofing and air then travel above the insulation and near the top of your roof there should be vents- a continuous ridge cap vent to let the hot air out the peak of the roof is a small cost great improvement.

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