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    One of my son's bedrooms baseboard don't heat up. Could it be an air problem and how can I fix it. I have baseboard heating and the other rooms are ok. Bedrooms are on the 2nd floor. Thank you.
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    It could be an air pocket problem, an altitude problem, or a FLOW problem.

    Second floor bedrooms are typical trouble spots because the supply piping often wends & bends at right angles before it reaches the baseboard.

    The 2nd floor is usually also the highest point in the system---approximate how many feet it is from the 2nd floor down to the boiler.

    If it's ~ 20', the "altitude" or "psi" gauge on the boiler should read at least 12 psi---this is so that there is enough water pressure to get the water up to the 2nd floor rad.

    If the psi gauge reads only 8 or so, it must be adjusted by adjusting the pressure reducing valve near the boiler to get 12 psi.

    If you have adequate pressure, shut down the system temporarily by flicking the on/off switch on the boiler.

    Open the bleed valve to the baseboard---some water should come out to verify you have enough pressure to feed the baseboard.

    If you have enough room to place a 5 gal bucket near the bleed valve, shut off the cold water supply to the boiler---remove any baseboard corner covers or sheet metal that's in the way of your work---place some rags or paper toweling around the base of the bleed valve.

    Remove the bleed valve completely---immediately put your finger over the hole to prevent soaking from the water spray (it's only at 12 psi, but it still comes out pretty fast)---use a small plastic hose to divert the water into the 5 gallon bucket & fill it 1/2 full by opening the cold water supply to the boiler in the cellar.

    when done, close the water supply, replace the bleed valve, reopen the cold supply & restart the system.

    This water venting is usually enough to eliminate any air pockets near the baseboard, if the problem wasn't a low psi problem.

    Please post back.
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    Holy crap, man. I wish I had this forum about five months ago. I had a nearly identical problem and ended up investing too much time in it. If I had gotten a response like that my life would've been sooooo much easier.

    Kudos, friend. Kudos.

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