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    Default rattling pipes(hot water)

    problem occurs when the dish washer is running. if we turn the hot water supply to the washmachine off, the pipes do not rattle anymore. the washmachine is in the basement and the dishwasher is upstairs. as long as the hot water valve is off, the pipes do not rattle. when we wash cloths, we have to turn on the hot water supply to the washer.

    we just moved into this house 2 monthe ago and thought it would go away. no luck.

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    Default Re: rattling pipes(hot water)

    You might need to add an air hammer arrestor for the hot water. Usally, it only happens to the cold side due to more use. but, with your plumbing you might need one. This is not a guarantee. Process of elimination. Good luck.

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    Default Re: rattling pipes(hot water)

    could just be a loose unsupported hot water pipe to the dishwasher that rattles when the valve is open till it slams shut. you could take off the access panel and feel the water line where it goes into the dishwasher, feel if it is vibrating. mabe the dishwasher got pushed and is shifted in the cabinet opening and is stressing the pipe. if it is soft it might have a crimp to, check it. if it is vibrating to hard pipe look under the floor see if a hanger got pulled out or if a piece of rubber needs to be slipped under a pipe resting on a piece of wood.

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