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    Default Back-up sump pump

    I am very interested in installing the set-up Richard demonstrates in the piece from the video archive... I'd like to know 'roughly' how much the mechanisms might cost and how I might go about obtaining them. Also, is there a chance anyone might have a diagram for such a set up (that i could have) ?? Many Many Thanks, Nick

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    Preferably an inexpensive valve. Something that is depicted in the video. I just briefly delve into the hordes of pricey backup sump pumps from various internet companies... no dice.

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    Default Re: Back-up sump pump

    I can't say that I cn help you all that much with an exact price or diagram, but I did do a bit of research on these things about two years ago when my dad's basement flooded because of a failed sump pump. There were several issues that led us away from installing the "water powered" back-up pump...first was cost - they were about $300+ for a simple set-up, then there was the cost of the pipe to install it. The other, and main reasons we decided against it were the issues with the city - they required not one, but two backflow preventers/vacuum breakers on the water supply to this back-up pump...those were of course about $90 each. Also, since this was a modification to the home's plumbing, a permit and inspection would also have been required. We ended up going with the battery powered unit...it was very simple to install and has worked just fine.

    Your area might have different codes, and the water powered unit might be a good option, but I wouod check with the city before getting your hopes up too much.

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    Default Re: Back-up sump pump

    You are correct that the water-flow backup sump pumps are expensive. But weigh that against the possibility of the sump failing when you are away from home and possibly getting water in your basement. How long will a battery backup last? It might only last for several hours. If your original pump is in good shape and you rarely loose power or it isn’t out for long and you are not away from home for long stretches or you wouldn’t lose much if your basement got some water in it then a battery backup sump might be all you need. You could add extra insurance by getting two battery backup sumps and have the second backup pump set to a higher water level than the first. That would buy you more pumping time if you lost power.

    The water-flow backup sump is the ultimate in protection (assuming you have city water) since it can’t “run out” like a battery backup can. But the bottom line is you need to consider the costs and benefits and only you know your particular circumstances.

    Here’s information on the water-flow backup sump pumps:

    Guardian backup sump pump (model #747H20)
    Manufacturer: A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.
    4800 Chavenelle Rd
    Dubuque, IA 52002

    The “cheap” model is nearly $600.

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    Default Re: Back-up sump pump

    thank you both for your thoughts and advice... i'll continue to plan and shop around

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    Default Re: Back-up sump pump

    Greetings to all! I would like to know if i can install another check valve under the existing check valve for the back up sump pump that I am planning to install? The check valve that was installed before my basement was finished is to high and hard to reach because of the wall. I would appreciate any help..

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    Default Re: Back-up sump pump


    There's some advice here on water-powered back up sump pumps, but I wanted to say that we have tested every available backup sump pump on the market and have found that a battery-powered sump pump can be far superior to the water-powered with the right battery.

    I think that Sheryl's answer about a battery backup only lasting several hours needs a little further explanation.

    First, it's impossible to say how long a battery backup will last in terms of time because it depends on how low often the sump pump needs to turn on.

    Second, some plumbers or waterproofers use a marine battery, which isn't really designed for long-term unuse.

    A true battery back up for a sump pump needs to be used. And in this case, we have fund one that will pump more than 11,000 gallons of water at an eight-foot head (eight feet upward to get it out of the basement), before it needs to be recharged, and it can pump 2,000 gallons per hour at an eight-foot head.

    There's a great article on battery backup sump pumps here.

    Basement Systems Inc.

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