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    Default anyone have opinion about SquidGee Dry system?

    i have a problem with water infiltration into a basement that has block walls and cement floor. the house is about 60 yrs old. it happens after heavy rains, and seems to come in where walls meet floor. i say this because i just patched and painted the basement walls, there are no obvious drip lines and the walls feel dry. but the perimeter of the floor has gotten soaked. there do not appear to be any cracks in the basement floor. i tried everything i could think of including routing downspouts underground away from house with corrugated plastic pipe, putting on window well covers, tearing out and regrading cement pathway away from house and trying to grade dirt away from house. but on that one i think i could do more.

    so here's my 2 questions.

    1. if everything else fails -- what about the SquidGee Dry system that you put inside basement around your walls after drilling holes in bottom blocks? has anyone used this system and do you recommend it?

    2. before i do that, here's what i want to try, does this sound reasonable?

    i want to do a more drastic outside grading -- using clay soil if i can find it, grading it away from the house. then i want to dig a small valley or swale on the outside of the cement pathway, all around the house maybe line it with clay tile and have it grade downwards towards the street.

    is this the logical next step? or what would you recommend? would it be smarter for me first to have a structural engineer evaluate the property?



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    Default Re: anyone have opinion about SquidGee Dry system?

    Have you used a block sealing paint like dry-loc?

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