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    Default Laminate/Bamboo over existing Laminate/Tile?

    Hello all - I was wondering if anyone has any experience with installing floors and any ideas on what I might do in my specific case....

    I'm in a bit of a quandary on how to proceed on a flooring issue. Basically, the main area of the home that I just bought (Living room, den, and master BR) is covered by a pretty nice, uniform laminate floor right now (though I'm in no way tied to it by any means.) However, the kitchen, which separates the den and the living room/master suite is covered in a tile that dissects the laminate floor. Its pretty gross, and personally I've never been a fan of tile. The tile floor is slightly higher than the laminate (probably a few centimeters). I really don't want to have to pull up that tile, so I was thinking the easy thing to do would be to install floating laminate or bamboo over the existing floors - but to be honest I'm not sure that's really possible.

    The first caveat seems to be that the laminate and tile aren't level. Obviously, that would have to be corrected. Also, does anyone know if the floating floor can be installed over existing laminate floor? I'm curious as to any input you might have. I really appreciate all of your help and time.

    I really like hardwoord floors, but I can't break the bank with this project, and I've found some good deals on laminate and bamboo ******. My preference would be to simply get rid of the tile area and refloor that area with matching laminate from the rest of the house, but matching the floor exactly seems almost impossible. That would be the most cost effective, at least, but again, I have my doubts.

    And one more quick question....I do have a large dog - about 110lbs. Would he totally mess up the bamboo vs. laminate?

    Thanks again for all of your time!


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    Default Re: Laminate/Bamboo over existing Laminate/Tile?

    First, dogs and hardwood don't mix well, their nails scratch the flooring.

    Second, by the time you make the entire floor flush with the kitchen area, you'll be into as much time and more expense than just removing the kitchen tile. Another problem with this idea is clearances at doors and thresholds with the thicker flooring.

    I say, if you're ok with the existing floors, just demo the kitchen tile. If you're on a raised foundation, it will be easier than if on slab, though removal from slabs isn't impossible either. Then, either match the hardwood for the kitchen to the rest of the house OR choose a complimentary color and let the kitchen be an "island". Another option would be to pull the tile AND the existing hardwood and install whatever flooring appeals to you.
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