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    Smile window in shower

    I recently purchased a home and the only window in our bathroom is in the shower. The only thing I'm concerned about is the wood trim/molding and window sill. Right now these are painted with a bathroom type paint, but I'm worried that this is really enough protection against rot.

    Is there some type of plastic trim/sill that can be installed? Since the shower isn't very large, the window is in the direct path of the shower head.

    Any advice would be great!!! Thanks!

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    Default Re: window in shower

    sure you can get PVC trim and install it in place of all the wood but that's time consuming. For now, I would suggest a shower curtain over the window, making sure that you move it when the shower isn't in use to keep moisture from being trapped between the two.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    Default We had the same issue

    We had the same issue in a 1920's home. We put cement backer board from the tub level up to shower level and knocked out the window but left the frame. we then put glass block with silicone type seal. it worked and is still working. the glass mutes enough so that nothing else is needed. TONS more light into the bathroom.


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