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    Default Adding a Bathroom above a garage

    I am considering of adding a bathroom to my three bedroom 1 bathroom home, but the only place that there is space for it is in the Master bedroom which is over an unheated garage. The water supply and waste water line to the septic tank are all the way on the other side of the house. Is there a way that I can run the hot and cold water supply and waste water return to the existing lines?

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    Default Re: Adding a Bathroom above a garage

    As for the water supply lines this probably wouldn't be too much of an issue.... though there will likely be the need to open up ceilings , walls etc. .... depending on the layout.

    The waste line is another story. In order to maintain the 1/4 inch per foot slope for a horizontal run probably wouldn't work.
    It may very well be the waste line would travel vertically down an inside wall and connect up with the main waste pipe in the basement .... if you have one.

    This is just a guess since it's impossible to tell over the internet what the conditions are.
    Sounds like you will need to have a contractor come out and advise you onsite.

    Just a thought.
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    Default Re: Adding a Bathroom above a garage

    It is hard to give more than a guess. However, I can give you some advice based on other things I've seen. If the new supply lines run through the garage ceiling or walls, make sure the garage is insulated VERY well so the water pipes do not burst. Also, because fumes rising into the house could be an issue, I'd use Icynene spray foam in the ceiling. The spray foam is not a must, but I've read very good things about it and have installed it to the roof deck of my Cape Cod style home. Good luck!

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