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    Angry New Deck needs help

    I was wanting to know how far apart you put the top Deck boards apart from each other I have brrn told different spacings but which is better for the new deck ,ty

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    Default Re: New Deck needs help

    Are you talking about the spacing BETWEEN the deckboards ?
    If so , what kind of boards are you using ?

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    Default Re: New Deck needs help

    I'm assuming you are talking about how far apart to lay the boards so there's room for swelling and shrinking.
    This really isn't a technical question, regardless of how some people will make it sound. Remember to K.I.S.S.!

    The first way to do it (and the easiest) is lay out the boards across your deck framing and make sure to leave a little separation, about 1/4 inch will do. If you come out with one odd board that either overhangs, or leaves a big gap, adjust your boards accordingly.
    The other option involves the ability to rip a board lengthwise. This is what I had to do, because I was using 6" wide planks and my deck is only 4 feet deep, so I didn't want to have to space the boards too wide. I just started at the front, and using a couple of 1/4" pieces of scrap, laid/drilled/screwed each plank into place until I got to the board closest to the house. Then measuring twice, and cutting once, I ripped the last one lengthwise on my table saw and tucked the cut end up under the overlap of my sliding door.
    Remember folks - it's not brain surgery, and it's usually something you can redo at minimal cost if you don't like it - so, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!!

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    Default Re: New Deck needs help

    we used to just use a framing nail as a spacer between boards. though now I have seen some of the deck builders leave no gap at all and they said the reason was that the wood was so green that when it shrunk that there wood be a large gap anyways for regular expansion and contraction. though they also said not to nail but use screws because of it being to wet that when it dries that it would warp so hard that it would pull nails

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