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    Default Wall/Ceiling Design

    Hi - First Time Poster. We own an 1870's Victorian in PA. The house originally has brick exterior walls but the rear porch was enclosed in the 1970's to create a 2 part kitchen. The orignial kitchen is a small galler and the fridge was kept in the addition. We have architects/engineers plans to install a steel beam and knock down the original brick wall in between. The problem is - due to the roof of the addition/porch half the kitchen will have a ceiling height of @7'6" and the other half

    Does anyone have pics of similiar two height kitchen ceiling- we are having trouble visualizing the finished room?
    Is it possible to "retro-arch" the exterior brick wall as an alternative to the steel beam? This would both open the space and may allow allow for higher ceilings.

    Thanks for the responses!

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    Default Re: Wall/Ceiling Design

    I have something similar in my living room that awkward peach strip is the steel beam covered in paneling.

    Hope this helps
    Debby in Oklahoma

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