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    Question Adding new bath to concrete slab

    We're in the process of converting a carport into a master suite, but we're stuck on plumbing. How can we get the drain out through a concrete slab? I seem to remember seeing a toilet that discharged from the back instead of the bottom, but I'm not having any luck finding anything except some rather expensive commercial fixtures. Any ideas that don't require busting up the slab? We hope to remodel again in a few years and turn the room back into a carport.

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    Default Re: Adding new bath to concrete slab

    TOH ran into a somewhat similar situation on the East Boston house. That house wasn’t on concrete but they didn’t want to incur the expense of routing the plumbing in the attic floor. So they simply created a raised floor. All the plumbing then was routed under the new floor and the original floor was left intact.

    The only toilet I’ve seen that discharges out the back is a macerating toilet. These are typically used in basements so they can pump the waste up. You might not need the “pumping up” action of this toilet but it does discharge out the back. I’d check with a plumber for more information.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Adding new bath to concrete slab

    Rear discharge wall mounted toilets are commonly used in commercial applications .... you may have seen them at airports for example.

    Here's a link :

    How can we get the drain out through a concrete slab?
    Is the house on a concrete slab?
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