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    i have wainscoating throughout my 60 plus ol house. was origanially a summer cottage. We installed heat and air 10 yrs ago and are experiencing cracks in the walls and ceiling every winter. humidifier on winter months. Some of the cracks close up when heat is off. others don't. We have cailked and repainted to no avail, What can I do to eliminate this problem? I'm ready to cover with drywall. PLS PLS ADVISE:

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    It sounds like your humidifier isn't giving out enough humidity, which is fine for you but isn't so great for your wood work.

    I really don't have a cure. Some species of wood have a higher humidity requirement than others.

    you could try doubling the humidifiers in the house or keeping the heater at a lower setting and wearing more clothing, and getting more covers.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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    What material is the wainscoating made of? Wood, MDF, etc? If wood, what type?

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