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    Default small exterior door rain deflector

    Where would I find a small rain deflector (or awning) to put over a storage building door? Similar in shape and material to a normal awning but much shorter (1.5 to 2 feet perpendicular to the door). I have tried the typical home stores but all they have are standard awnings plus I don't really know what to ask for.
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    Default Re: small exterior door rain deflector


    I've seen entryway rain deflectors made of aluminum of the size you describe.

    Consult the Yellow Pages under "siding" to find distributors in your area.

    Google "aluminum awning" doorway or "metal awning" doorway for numerous web links.

    It shouldn't be that difficult to make up a small awning out of PT wood 1.5' X 2' plywood deck & a few shingles if you can't find what you want by the vendors.

    Observe aluminim/vinyl flashing guidelines when installing these mini-awnings: Google "flashing for windows and doors".
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    Default Re: small exterior door rain deflector

    If you are just trying to keep rain from running behind the door look for a raindrip or drip cap.
    Get it 4" longer than the door. They aren't as deep as you're desribing.

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