I hope I'm not ruffling any feathers by asking about a problem with the plumbing in our mobile home. I suspect the problem and answer applies to all types of construction.

The problem is that our washer drain pipe overflows. At least it used to after almost every washer load since we installed a new washer in January.

I used some drain cleaner and now the blockage/restriction appears to have moved downstream of the kitchen sink. Now, when we do a load of wash, the water backs up into the kitchen sink. I addition, if we run water into the kitchen sink continuously for more than two or three minutes it backs up and drains verrrrrrrrry slowly.

Since our place is over thirty years old I'm guessing that we need to have the lines professionally snaked but I'm also concerned about the possibility that we might have some clogged vent lines.

So, here's the question - how do I know/find out if any of our plumbing vents are clogged? And, if they are, what do I need to do to unclog them?