Hi ALL new to the site here. I hope i can get some definative answers on this site regarding this question. I have a home that was built in 1956. It has the older two wire romex (black and white wires) with a paper insulation around the actual wires then around the paper is a braided cloth like type of insulation. Some romex cable outer insulation is black,other romex cable like for instance in the kitchen has this silver paint like coating on the outer insulation. According to a AWG gauge all wires going to receptacles throughout the house is 12 AWG. What is the best way to ground all 13 receptacles throughout short of a total re wire of house? I have gotten suggestions from change all receptacles to GFCI type, to yes go with GFCI,but find the first receptacle on each circuit and wire it up correctly on the LINE and LOAD side so it protects the other receptacles on that circuit downstream. Well some receptacles are on the same circuit ,but different rooms which a GFCI can trip,and shut off receptacles in say the living room and a bedroom. I have also gotten pros and cons on both of the above GFCI procedures. Some say GFCI receptacles are not designed roomwize to be used with the metal boxes they used at that time. 4 of the 13 receps. have 4 wires going into the box (2 white, 2 black)I was told either way there is a label that also has to be installed so it is visable on the switch plate? But every electrician does not suggest one way over the other way.
The one thing they will say is finding the first recep in a circuit can turn into a very time consuming issuein these older dwellings. Sorry to be so long winded,but i wanted to provide all information possible. Thanks to all !!